Thursday, July 07, 2005

hot for teacher

Last night i was hanging out with a couple of my friends from baylor. one of whom happens to be a teacher.

if you know baylor girls, she's what you would picture exactly for a baylor girl. really pretty, perfect make up, lip stick that never rubs off, shiny hair, expensive clothes, and a degree in elementary education.

everytime we meet new people the subject of jobs comes up, and i get the usual, "oh my gosh i LOVE those chicken sandwiches. do you get free coupons?" anytime my friend says that she's a teacher people are facinated. "what grade do you teach? what do kids learn in that grade? do you teach spelling? do they learn to read?" without fail, this happens everytime.

so last night she meets a guy who judges her based on her profession and totally assumes that since she is a teacher she is a straight laced goody two shoes! granted, that is the idea that most people have of teachers. he kept pleading to her, "you would never want to date me, because you're a goody two shoes and i'm too bad for you..." on and on and on.

so for the first time in my life i witnessed a baylor girl knowingly solicit the title of slut from the people around her. "Look at me, i'm a teacher, do i look slutty or like a goody two shoes?" passerby on the street: "55% slutty" "THANK YOU!!!!" hugs for everyone.