Wednesday, July 13, 2005

are you my mother?

i made the inevitable trip home. inevitable because i knew i had to even though my pool and some vodka tonics wanted me more...i knew that i had to go.

it's always interesting going back to where you grew up, especially knowing you're going to run into people that you used to know. i'm not always in the mood for the chance sightings, but i had to suck it up for the sake of the wedding.

the wedding was just as you would expect from this bride. very beautiful and extremely detailed to her liking.

they did something i've never seen before. the entire church took the Lord's supper, coming up one by one to get it from the bride and groom. the second they handed the couple the bread and the cup i thought to myself, oh, please hand her the bread...grape juice would be a tragedy on that white dress. they did.

my mom refuses to take communion, because "she doesn't want to", ie- i'm baptist, i can't take methodist communion! so i head up there, excited to greet the bride whom i haven't seen in maybe 3-4 years. i can't contain myself and say, "HI!!! YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL!!! HOW ARE YOU!!!!" she says, "Hi, this is Christ's body." taken aback i don't know what to say. not that i expected her to carry on a convo with me, but a little surprised at the lack of greeting i turn to the groom and he says, "This is Christ's blood." this is all very nice, but i'm doing low-carb...

my mom deserted me at the reception for a bull riding competition. you heard me right. i've always thought i was adopted, and to this day i cling to that notion.