Sunday, August 28, 2005

eye of the storm

i left austin today and headed towards the hurricane. i'll be spending the next 7 days in west palm beach area. after this weekend i think it will be good for me to get away for a while.

two times this weekend i professed my love for a certain military man twice. fortunately, he was not on the receiving end of the profession. however, the love was encouraged by all around me! i can now look forward to entertaining my crush every weekend, because he's busy saving the country during the week. what does your crush do?

of course though, as i was walking through the airport this morning i started thinking how ridiculous the entire situation is. there is no point in having a crush on someone that lives 7 states away and will probably go to iraq in the next year or so. i then began to try and talk myself out of it. i always talk myself out of liking people and having crushes.

we're supposed to meet up in pittsburgh in october. we were talking the other night and i said, "i'm so excited to hang out with you! we're going to have so much fun!!" and he agreed that it would be great and was equally excited. and i say, "and I've never been to philladephia!!" "umm...lesli philladelphia is not close to pittsburgh."

now i'm that girl that is going on and on...


i haven't seen the beach yet. due to hurricane katrina (hurricane lesli is in 2007...yes, i checked the name rotation) there's a rain predicted every day. not that i have so much time off, but i was hoping to catch some rays in the morning. pray for no rain. pray for bourbon street while you are at it.