Wednesday, August 31, 2005

keep the awkward moments rolling

two awkward moments for me today.

1. was sitting in applebee's waiting for my lunch. and of course i couldn't sit like a normal person with my bottom in the chair and feet dangling. no, i was slouched down with my feet propped up on the chair beside me. who walks in? none other than the president and practically the founder of our company. i assume that he sees me, so i scramble to sit up straight and get off my cell phone. he walks right past me and stands in front of the tv to watch the hurricane coverage. so then i have an internal i talk to him or do i wait for him to talk to me. he's obviously seen me slouchy and not looking terribly professional? so then the waitress comes out and speaks to him. i had ordered for me, him and his people and paid. so he asks for his food and asks to pay and she says, "Oh, she's (motioning to me) already paid for it." perfect opportunity for him to turn around and acknowledge me. no. he just kept watching intently. so finally he turns around, walks over and says, "Oh, i'm sorry i didn't see you sitting there. i apologize." then walks back over to the tv. thank you katrina.

2. later this afternoon i went to get a sandwich tray out of the cooler for an event we had tonight. there are always two teams that work the openings, operations and marketing. usually the teams are made up of younger people, so we all joke around and have fun together. so i swing open the cooler door and one of the guys is inside and i kind of giggle, because it reminds me of something out of a cheesy love movie. and i say, "Ha ha...looks like we're going to rendezvous in the cooler." and he looks at me with a really freaked out look and says, "I'm sorry what did you say?" uh uh...could you hand me that sandwich tray??? no laugh from him. maybe he doesn't watch movies.