Friday, September 02, 2005


Dear Anonymous~

i don't know who you are, because the person i DO know at the university of iowa knows me well enough to know i would never look at devestation on america as something to be taken lightly. with that said, i'm going to remind you of something we learned in kindergarten. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

This blog is for my friends and family. you stumbled upon it on your own means and that's fine. i gladly welcome readers, but i in no way started this blog as a way for anonymous readers to cut me down for writing my feelings and sharing my stories. this being my form of therapy and way of getting it out, i hope that posting rude comments and not signing your name is in someway theraputic to you.

if you were my friend you would know how proud to be an american i truly am. it's no secret to people who really know me that i love this country, our president and the people who serve our country. if you knew me, you would have received an email from me asking for prayers for all the people effected and namely one of my close friends husbands who is in the navy and lost everything, but had to immediately do his job to help with the rescue effort. if you knew me, you would know that i sat outside on a bench yesterday and cried sad warm tears to the Lord for the people who lost everything. if you knew me, you would know that the people helping out are my heros. whether they are in the military, police department, fire department, ordinary civilians...these people are brave to me and i hold them in the highest regards.

if you know me, you would know that i love america and americans. that includes you. please learn how to be nice to people you don't know.