Wednesday, September 21, 2005

decorations committee

ok...i'll call in the decorations committee to take down the decorations for my pity party. thanks for making me feel very loved and very important! yes, i feel love through blog comments.

Funny how life works. i was so excited yesterday that i was going to virginia for the week and that i'd prob get to see that straping marine, but was bummed that i wasn't going to get to stay longer the last weekend to hang out. i didn't want to ask, because i didn't want to press my luck, because pittsburgh is coming up soon and we've already made plans to hang out then. look on the bright're 23.6 miles instead of 23.6 hours!!! who cares if i came home early?

then they called me today and said i should fly out early, but what would i do all weekend? well spend it in DC of course! i haven't been able to touch base with the boy who lives on a base yet, but hopefully all will work out beautifully like it has been.

if not, it's nothing a trip or two to h&m can't fix.

i called my grandmother yesterday and was telling her that i was off to Fredericksburg, Virginia for the week. she has recently suffered from a few strokes, so she says some pretty funny things from time to time. basically, not much has changed. so i tell her where i'm going and she says, emphatically, "FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA!!!! HOW FUN!!! THERE'S SO MUCH TO DO THERE!!" gram, you heard virginia right...i didn't say the beach or new york city or anything like that. virginia. if anyone can think of all the fun things to do there, please let me know!