Tuesday, September 20, 2005

nobody calls...nobody writes...

I think everyone I know is perfectly happy to read about me instead of speaking directly to me. No more comments… no more phone calls… no more emails…not even the nasty ones. woe is me.

On a happier note ~ today is aliblg’s birthday! You go girl! I’m glad we’re friends, but I’m sad we don’t see more of each other. Remember this?

Happier note #2 ~ my old friend is visiting on Thursday. I haven’t seen him in what I estimate to be at least a year. I can’t wait until we tell story after story of memories that we have of the last 40 billion years. My first memory of him was when I was in the 4th grade and he was in the 5th grade and we were on the church bus. It was a school bus painted white and dark green. We were headed to lakeview for children’s church camp, and he was pining for my good friend Casey. If I remember correctly, she finally gave in to his charms on the night of the talent show and their relationship lasted a very meaningful 30 minutes. She’s married now, but I’m sure she still thinks of him as the one who got away.

I remember weird things…

Happier note #3 ~ I found out today that I’m going to be in Virginia next week. Not just anywhere in Virginia… 23.6 MILES AWAY FROM MY CRUSH, THE MARINE!!!!!!!!!! Not that I’m excited or anything…I’ve just had a huge smile on my face since 2pm. I haven’t had the chance to tell this marine how close I’ll actually be, because he was busy saving the country today.

Or he’s just not that into me… however, I chose to believe that the country is in a bad place and is in desperate need of saving!

All I know is I have a LOT to look forward to this week and I can barely sit still. Hopefully tomorrow I will channel that energy into making my home to look welcomed for guests!