Sunday, September 25, 2005

semper fidelis...always faithful

last night i felt like i was in that scene from Love Actually when the prime minister goes to find natalie at her home and he gets to the street and it's the longest street ever. i went to meet the marine in adams morgan last night, and i figured it wouldn't be too hard to find him, but when my cab got me there it's bar after bar after bar. most of them only had tiny signs, so thus i started my journey. i found the place no problem, but finding the marine was a little more difficult. surprisingly, there were several bald headed boys, and i figured there would only be one.

finally he had to come out and get me. i was hanging out with the doorman who was an older man who remembered me from last week. unfortunately it wasn't me.

the evening was fun. we went back to dupont circle and bought candy corn at cvs and hung out by the fountain. we didn't eat the candy corn, but i insisted that we get it, because it was fall.

it was such a drastic change from the night before when i sat by the fountain and sulked because my marine couldn't get to dc. the night before i had never felt more alone as i watched all of the couples snuggle up by the fountain, but last night was my turn to bask in the love!

i wasted my time and emotions worrying that it would be weird. it was normal and comfortable and it felt right.

of course i woke up this morning thinking what the hell am i doing? what am i doing having feelings for someone who lives 1500 miles away? i still don't know.