Monday, October 17, 2005

all the days of my life

10 years ago today…
I was a freshman at Texas High School. I was playing on the varsity tennis team and getting ready for regionals. I was looking forward to going to homecoming with trampas, and I was really excited about my dress. It was long black sleeveless with a panel skirt. I thought TLC’s crazy sexy cool album was a great rap album and liking it made me cool.

5 years ago today…
I was a sophomore at Baylor and living at the village. I had just ended two really quick relationships. Fall break was just around the corner, and I learned how to water ski! I watched Can’t Hardly Wait on repeat with my roomates! Prestooooooooooooooone. my favorite song was...the next episode by dr. dre and snoop dog, and it is still my favorite rap song.

1 year ago today...
It was one week before I was about to start my new job! I had just gotten my new business cards, and I was so excited to go to Washington, dc and visit all those boys that lived there! I was excited and nervous about my upcoming trip. The week was crazy. I’ve never worked more in my whole life! I had never been so confused in my whole life. I still haven’t fully learned the lesson of that trip. my favorite song of the year was Crazy In Love by beyonce after i hung out with her in new york. and of course Me Against the Music by britney and madonna...genuis!

I got up and went to early church then sat on my porch with some old friends. Then went suit shopping with no luck, so I bought some cuddl duds for my upcoming trip. Then desperately tried to watch a movie, but couldn’t keep my eyes open. Cleaned the kitchen. Got ready and went to a party honoring our friend who is moving to Idaho. of course we car danced to Goldigger all the way there...

5 snacks I enjoy…
1. Chip and Salsa
2. Sunflower seeds
3. Toffee Nut Lattes
4. Beef jerky
5. scooby snacks

5 Things you’d do with 100 Million dollars
1. Tithe
2. Pay off school
3. Buy a new car…with air…but not too extravagant!
4. Open a savings account, so I could earn money off the interest
5. Are you kidding me…shopping spree!!!!!

5 Places you’d run away to…
1. New York City (any maybe never return…)
2. Chicago to see Cayce
3. Prague to see Mer
4. Laguna Beach…all my friends live there.
5. Actually…any beach.

5 Bad Habits
1. Smelling my hair…I just caught myself doing it.
2. Squinting
3. Interrupting people
4. Forgetting important things
5. Not keeping my word

My Favorite Songs of the Moment
1. Me and Bobby McGee - Janis Joplin
2. If I Ain’t Got You - Alicia Keys
3. Don’t Stop Believing - Journey
4. Three Days - Pat Green
5. God Only Knows - The Beach Boys