Tuesday, February 14, 2006


54 years ago today my mom entered the world! today and for the next month and a half we will be exactly 30 years apart. i'm glad that her birthday is on a silly holiday. i will always have something to celebrate!

it's hard to say anything about valentine's day, because either way you come across sounding bitter or jealous. i think people are silly for being extreme either way by either putting too much emphasis on the day. it's a day. if you love someone, what was wrong with making yesterday special? or the other extreme of...All Single Girls hating love and bashing men Night Out! those are the kind of girls that have boyfriends by the next valentine's day, because there is something in the phermones of a crazy girl that drives boys wild!

my plans for tonight include doing exactly what i've wanted to do on this night since november. baylor/ut basketball game. don't worry, i'm changing out of my festive pink into my festive green. sic em' bears!

i take comfort in the fact that on this day i have not only one person that loves my guts but many people. and i love most of them in return.