Thursday, May 11, 2006

24 month return

this happened while i was out in the wild wild west.

i was in the back and my phone rang. i look down and didn't recognize the number, but knew it was an arkansas number, so i didn't answer and let it go to voicemail.

i check the voicemail and it says:

"Hey, Lesli. It's brandon from arkansas....

{i begin wracking my brain for brandons from arkansas and i come up with nothing}

...I found your number in my phonebook, so i wanted to call and thank you for being so nice to me after the war...

{the war? like the one we're in now? i don't know anyone who went to war}

...anyway, hope you're doing well. give me a call sometime if you want."

i then had to go back and listen to the message, because i thought maybe i was missing something and if i listened to it again i would vaguely remember a brandon from my past who i was nice to after THE war.

then it hit march of 2004 jaimie and i did our service to our nation and went on a date with two boys who had been serving our country in iraq. the date was fine. not good not bad. and two years later i got a return phone call. wonder if he was asking for a second date, because really the longest you get is maybe 48 hours or so, not 24 MONTHS!!

my speculation...he had a lady friend at home and they just broke up. but seriously, does this really happen? where is a publisher when you need
them? i promise the stories i have about boys could create a best seller.