Friday, June 16, 2006

free birds

i think birds are one of the most disgusting creatures on earth. especially when they are in places they shouldn't be. i don't mind them in nature, but i don't want them flying through the rafters at the grocery store.

this morning our truck was delivering our food supplies for the store, so the back door stayed open for an extended period of time. never a big deal. except for the fact that it throws off the air conditioning and one part of the restaurant will be freezing while the other is hot and humid, but you can deal with that.

this morning it started to rain while they were unloading, and two birds flew through the door for shelter. not ok. the perched on top of a shelf right by the door that holds cleaning supplies. no one really seemed bothered, and the austin lovers were like, "they're just birds..." yeah and birds carry bird flu, and we're all going to die. they are NOT just birds!!!! when i picked up a broom to shoo them, a girl freaked and said, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING????" it's a broom...not a shot gun. as much as i don't want a bird in here, the last thing i want is a dead bird.

i called animal control and they asked if we had a, we don't catch our own chickens, so why would we have a net?? she then suggested we turn off all the lights and open a door. after an hour of shooing the birds, we finally got them to fly out. to that one of the back workers said (in a broken accent), "What you do?" i got the birds to fly out. "Aww, but it was cute..."