Monday, June 12, 2006

house of wax

in the attempt to keep my eyebrows maintained, i decided to wax them tonight. i've been waxing them myself for a while least a few months, and it was time. so i put the wax in the microwave to heat up, and apparently it had been longer than i thought. i set the timer for two minutes, and when i took it out, it was a big gooey mess. apparently you're only supposed to leave it in for 30 second and then 10 second intervals to heat it more. oops.

fortunately, i had two tubes of wax, so it was fine that i melted the wax and it's tube.

i finally got around to waxing my eyebrows and i accidently waxed the end of one of my eye brows off. lucky for me, my eyebrows grow at lightening speed, so they'll be back in no time. i suspect much sooner than the 8 weeks the box promises.

anyone know how to get wax off a microwave plate??