Wednesday, June 07, 2006

acting my age...check that

i'm happy to report that unlike last weekend, this past weekend i acted like the 25 year old woman that i am. well, at least as far as inappropriate behavior goes.

unless you count the fact that i...

1. forgot to pack a bag. forgot is a harsh word. i forgot our bag when we went to omaha, and this time i didn't even pack one. very smart if you plan on being somewhere for an entire weekend.

2. call in to work on saturday morning from the hotel bed and tell them you're not coming in because there was bad weather that prevented you from driving back the night before.

3. scam on 19...21...22... (who's counting) year olds in tight pants for more than 16 hours over a three day span. then take pictures with your favorites.

in my defense, i really didn't intend on staying from friday to monday. i mean i would have at least over packed a small suitcase if i thought i was staying. there was definitely some deja vu ala omaha instead i created a suitcase saturday morning in an old navy bag filled with one skirt, one tube top, one pair of jeans, two pairs of panties and a darling new swim suit. if i never wear that skirt and tube again it will be too soon. i think if i even put them on i would sweat right through them just thinking about this past weekend.

i had every intention of driving back friday night, working saturday, and then driving back and staying until monday. the weather really was bad, and at 9:30am i saw no point in driving back for only a couple of hours of responsibility, so i chucked responsibility to the wind. i can only be 25 for one year, but i have a lifetime of spontaneous and at times childish ideas ahead of me.

and those boys...i keep getting older, and they stay the same age. we have made it a tradition to take pictures with our favorite player every year. ok so we did it last year, and it gave us a perfect excuse to do it again. last year it was judged on the heart of the player, this year it was judged on the ass of the player. please don't judge our oil slick faces and the fact that it took him a minute or two to pry his hands off our sticky from buckets of sweat shoulders.

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in the words of henri frederic amiel "I'm not interested in age. People who tell me their age are silly. You're as old as you feel."