Friday, June 02, 2006

Today is where your book begins the rest is still unwritten

i can remember back seven years ago. my senior year of high school 98-99. like most seniors, i had an abbreviated schedule, so i would drop my mom off at work and then go to gram and pop's house for breakfast and the today show. i like to think of it as everyday, because it holds such a special place in my thoughts and past, but time has a funny way of blurring details.

the breakfast was usually the same...toast and bacon or rice krispies, the occasional eggs, but there was always katie couric. wednesday was katie's last day on today, and as i watched the three hour tribute to her i sobbed like i was loosing a friend. it was truly the end of an era not only for her, but for her biggest fans. the three of us were three of her biggest fans. we don't call her by her full name, to us she is simply katie. she was apart of our mornings, and apart of our family, the fourth member of our morning routine.

i haven't experienced this morning rountine for 7 years, but on wednesday a chapter closed. pop passed away 2 years ago and the group changed, and now that katie is gone, the constant glue of that morning is gone as well. her choice to leave saddens me, but the reality of the past i can never have back made my insides hurt for the group that i once had and will never have back.

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people say there are many different chapters in the book of your life. graduating high school, going to college, graduating from college, getting married, having babies, and a chapter of my life closed this week. i've been far to preoccupied to realize the magnitude of the changes taking place in my life until about 6:00pm on wednesday. i pulled in to my apartment to meet jaimie there for the last time. like a slide show in my head i replayed the last 3 years we've had together in our austin apartments. i thought of the good times...being glued to "my" couch and her chair watching tv for hours on end, sitting in front of her mirror to apply make up in the morning, solving the worlds problems from our back porch and the list could go on. pulling in and seeing her car there made me feel safe. i was home. i knew i would walk into the door and she'd be sitting there armed with stories from her day and ready to hear mine. she is more than a roomate, she is my rock. we have a friendship that is unshakeable by any outside force. jaimie is not only someone i can live with, but someone i can't live without.

we are now just a couple of zip codes a day, and we'll get by on our 7 phone calls we make to each other a day. (i'm not even exaggerating) it truly is the end of an era. i'm giddy to see what the future holds, and i'm proud of my self and shocked by my boldness to start a new chapter, but there is still a little part of me that hurts just thinking about the future and what it holds and what will be missing.

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thursday is where my book began. cheers to my future.