Wednesday, June 28, 2006

new woman

since last august i've been driving my montero sport around with no air. i would arrive places a tad wind blown and smelling like the outdoors, but it wasn't THAT bad...until recently. once it finally got into the 100s in the afternoons, i would end my day feeling like a sweaty pig.

the other day our maintenance man offered to check it out. i told him to go ahead, but the mechanic at sears had already told me it would cost $500. i wasn't going to spend that kind of money, especially when i need a new dress for that july wedding. what's a little sweat?? ok a LOT of sweat.

needless to say...after $20 and a little bit of his time, my car is spitting out cold air. the best feeling in the world was when i was trying to figure out if it was cooling off, and i realized i wasn't sweating, so it must be working!

i feel like a new woman now! i can't wait to ride in my car.

yesterday i was invited downtown for a photo shoot. one of my friends is releasing her memoir next month and they wrote an article about her book and scheduled her shoot before the Hottest Bachelors in Austin shoot. i didn't have to be asked twice if i'd like to tag along. hot bachelors will get me anywhere.

unfortunately, in isn't necessarily defined by savage good looks that make your mouth water. more like how many trees have you saved and if you live in 78704. granted i only saw two of them, and for the first time in a year i didn't have to arrive somewhere drenched in sweat!