Tuesday, August 29, 2006

International House of Entertaining

this city smells like chocolate in the most curious places; stepping off a train, walking past a bar, on the way home. i always think i must be near a fabulous bakery, but i never am. even one of the cute scotland girls mentioned it. sunday afternoon i quit fighting the cravings and made me and cayce some cupcakes. at this point, it could be the best $3 i've ever spent. cupcakes can take you far when it comes to recooperating.

after this week/weekend chicago feels like home. the vacation feel is wearing off and i no longer have to remind myself that i'm not going back to austin. i think the fact that there was much entertaing to do this week helped me reach the milestone.

my first visitor arrived last tuesday, and we had a lovely time catching up and eating a simply divine meal! after conversing with the scottish girls, boring adjectives like great and delicious just won't do, therefore i'm resorting to more british words like lovely and divine. next thing you know i'll say you look smashing and ask if you snogged him.

i was outside chatting with my new friend jo from edinburgh when this obnoxious girl from houston butted into our conversation. we were arguing over who had the less boring accent. the grass is always greener...i thought hers was better and she thought hers was boring. vice versa. so miss houston butts in and says, "Well where are YOU from?" well Miss Houston I am from texarkana. "Well that explains EVERYTHING!" referring to my thicker accent. she proceeds to tell a story of how she interviewed for a job and tried to fake my drawled accent. honey, you can't fake that...you just sound like an extra from varsity blues.

i have some pictures to post, so expect those later so you can see the damage brought on by a 4 day lesli and cayce palooza.