Wednesday, August 30, 2006

publicly transported

for the first time in 10 years i'm not relying on my own means of driving to get me around. you can't imagine the relief of kissing that worry good bye until you experience it for yourself. cayce always talked about how it took so much stress off her back once she got rid of her car and used the bus and the trains. i had no idea.

yesterday i was taking the bus home from work, and as you can imagine the busses are jam packed right before nine and right after five. not to mention that it poured down rain all day, so no one was walking. i cram onto the bus with everyone else, balancing my purse and leftovers from lunch (love love love gino's east). the aisle's are big enough, maybe, for two people to stand back to back. so this lady with an ass the size of dallas; no seriously, it was probably as wide as i am tall, says under her breath, "would you PLEASE quit squishing me????"

hello, i was not squishing you on purpose! i didn't ask you to quit expanding because you were taking up so much room, so you can excuse me for accidently brushing past you with my purse.

let's face it...yesterday wasn't my day on the bus. i was almost trapped on the bus when i couldn't get the doors open at my stop and looked like and idiot when i screamed, "HELP!! I can't get off!!" can't believe the men didn't try to open the doors for me! dorthy, we're not in the south anymore!