Friday, October 27, 2006

nothing gets me like...

a precious military man. especially if he's good looking and has perfect gentlemanly manners. sign me up! actually i sort of signed my own self up.

i went to an event last night where the wine was being poured by a strapping young man whom when everytime i requested more white wine he'd promptly reply, "yes ma'am." after being so charmed by his charm i had to know what his story was.

"I just love your manners"
"Well i just got out of the military"
"Oh, that's great...what branch??"
(does it really matter...they're all good in my book)
"Actually, the air force."
"Oh my gosh, my dad retired from the air force"
"Yes! where were you stationed?"
(seriously? why do i care?)
"A base in bossier city, louisiana"
"NO WAY!!! Barksdale??? my dad was stationed there too!!!"
(oh i am just an encyclopedia on the military knowledge)
"Really? Well i was a fighter plan mechanic."
"NO WAY!!! So was my dad!!!!!"
(could i be more excited??)

after this interchange i excused myself, because i could clearly barely contain my excitement. the more wine he poured and the more i drank got me to thinking about doing something crazy. so i did.

"hey, do you have a girlfriend?"
"can i get your number?"

i woke up in a panic this morning when i had a strange notion that this had actually happened. so i went searching through my phone and found a random 'tim' with a chicago number. i'm assuming it's him. but what do i do? do i call him? text him? or just delete him and let him wonder if i only asked for it on a dare?