Thursday, October 26, 2006

it is finished

back in may i was enjoying dinner with my second family in oklahoma city. my "big sister" had recently gotten engaged, and after two glasses of wine i dug through my purse and found a nice gel pen and addressed a napkin to myself. i slid it her way and said, "i could totally address your wedding invitations if you want." i thought it would be a good way to get out of spending money that i don't have on a gift. she consulted with the wedding planner and the groom, and decided that i was in fact the perfect canidate for the job. she then informed me there would be 625 invitations plus inner envelopes.

and in the final words of Jesus, "It is finished." after two months, 12 calligraphy pens, one numb tail bone, and two carry on bags packed perfectly we took them to waco this past weekend to be preped for mailing. what a relief to set a goal, reach it and make the december bride one happy camper. and believe it or not...i'm not burned out. i even volunteered to address her rehearsal dinner invitations. feel free to pass my name along to any brides you know=)

oh and please don't think i've forgotten about homecoming...i have many many pictures for everyone to look at and they will be posted very soon!

to keep you entertained until then...anyone want to guess what me and cayce are going to be for halloween? (if i've already told you, you are not eligible.) two clues...private school meets malibu.