Thursday, October 19, 2006

part dos...equis XX

last night i was telling cayce about the blog theme for the week and she said, "can i remember any of our homecoming memories?" there is a good chance we can't remember the best ones, and here are the four reasons why - george's, schooners, crickets and scruffy's.

at homecoming 2003 i left schooners and headed to baja tacos (i think that's what it was's no longer there). i had just gotten my first real pair of stillettos...ala frederick's of hollywood. black pleather, pointy toes, and 4 inch pencil thin heels. i loved those shoes. i just got rid of them a couple of months ago before i moved. it was cold and rainy, so i took off running across the parking lot and one of those pencil thin heels got caught in the concrete and i kept moving. i fell to my knees, but i swear i broke my toes. to bad this isn't on video. i spent the rest of the weekend in sandals looking like an idiot in the cold rain.

i really wanted to post some pictures of past homecomings, but i can't remember where any of those are either. i can picture them in my head...don't you wish there was a way you could print off images from your head? if there was, i'd probably be a fashion designer.

since there are no pictures, a list will have to suffice...

Things i am most looking forward to:

-laughing hard at old memories with old friends
-REAL mexican food - at la fiesta i want refried beans, sour cream chicken enchiladas with queso verde sauce and salsa so spicy it will make you slap your momma. at on the border i'd be happy with eating my weight in chips and salsa and then a bowl of tortilla soup.
-a big O from george's
-whataburger in the middle of the night...or taco c...whichever line is shorter
-taking pictures with people from facebook that i'm not really friends with in real life.
-shoe shopping at ross (judge if you's my favorite shoe store - no ross' here!)
-judging people at the chi o breakfast. this year i will take my own water!
-watching erick on the law school float during the parade and marching with the bugwb (thug love) at the football game.

before i can do all that, i have to find the perfect out...well really a few perfect pieces for this weekend. any suggestions? it will be a weather shell shock when i get there because when i walked to work this morning it was 35 degrees!