Monday, October 16, 2006

homecoming week part 1

with my favorite holiday (baylor homecoming) less than four days away i figured i'd take this week to write about some of my favorite memories from homecoming of days of yester year.

october 2002

it was the homecoming of my senior year and all the old sigma chi's were back in town to celebrate. we had recently become friends with all the younger sigma chi's as well, so it was one gigantic debaucherous party on friday night. when the night wrapped up one of my old loves came home with me, because why rent a hotel?

my mom called me at 7 the next morning to remind me to meet her at the parade. does anyone else think they parade would be 1,000 times better if it was about 5 hours later? so i drag myself out of bed. fix myself up as best i can and leave K. in bed.

i make it through the parade and around 11 when it's over my mom says, "We'll just head to your house, how do we get there." i rattle off directions and then grandparents can NOT come to my house and find a sleeping boy in my bed!!! so i fly home and call mom, "Mom, you have GOT to stall!!! K is in my bed!!!" in an abbreviated lecture she says, "You better hurry, Lesli Michelle"

so i rush in a wake K. up, and if you know him, you would know that he is NOT a morning person and doesn't do morning well. "Put clothes on, hide your suit case, brush your teeth, throw some water on your hair!" he's looking at my like i'm saying all of this in russian.

so my family walks into my new apartment and i say, "Look who JUST stopped by!" i think my grandparents completely bought it, especially since they invited him to come visit them in texarkana any time he wanted, and if you can't find us we'll be at the First Baptist Church. the best was when K walked over to my closet and said, "Let me check out your closet! Wow, you've got a lot of space." as he reaches for his own bag...