Friday, October 13, 2006

average girl

this past saturday i woke up at an ungodly hour to trek down to the salon to get my name on the waiting lists in hopes that they could work me in. i was six people deep on the list and considering pleading my case to the receptionist, "Look at my roots and my hair looks like one huge split end. I can't POSSIBLY go back to texas looking like this." then i watched as the other people filed in, and maybe it was because it was so early in the morning, but they didn't help my case. one glance at the hair coming in, and i realized it wouldn't kill me to wait ANOTHER few MONTHS to get my hair done.

as good luck would have it, my name got called. i was assigned to the girl who came running in frantic about 10 minutes late and later told me that she'd been out until 6:30 am. whatever - even hungover she was cute and had good hair - hopefully she wouldn't fall asleep while my color was processing, and at least it wasn't a guy. (i'm against guys doing my hair...but that's for another time)

she was cute...easy to talk to and willing to do exactly what i asked for. when conversation ran short, and it quickly did, because i woke up before the roosters and she had never gone to bed, she handed over her supply of gossip magazines. we realized our shared affection for matthew mcconnahey and she says to me, "You know, i heard he's dating Jennifer Aniston." "Really? i hadn't heard that." "Yeah, they are, and that gives me hope, because Jennifer is such a normal and average looking girl." since she had the fate of my hair in her hands i nonchalantly agreed.

seriously? in what universe is Jennifer Aniston considered normal and average looking?