Wednesday, October 11, 2006

just wait

when i tell chicagoans that i'm a transplant from austin, texas I usually get a, "Well JUST WAIT for winter!" like i was completely unaware when i moved here that they experience a much harsher winter than i ever dreamt of in austin.

i can remember the coldest weekend in austin last year (that i was home for...i missed the sleet) it was 29 degrees. being the cheap person i am and since jaimie was out of town, i didn't even turn the heat on. i napped on the couch in my cuddl duds, furry boots, turtle neck, fleece jacket and furry russian hat. it was extreme, but by monday it was probably in the 80s again.

well i can wait no longer. the chicago winter is here. on thursday the hi is 41 and the warmest it will "feel" all day long is 30. i'll go ahead and mention that there's also a chance of snow! i'm trying to remember the last time i even saw snow in texas. maybe valentines day 04? certainly never as early as october!

when i was in high school we didn't have to play tennis outside if it was under 40 degrees. coach made the rule stick down to the degree - if it was 41 we were outside. rarely was it below 40, so we would whine and complain with purple hands during practice. when i head out to the bus tomorrow it will definitely feel like 25!!! where is the below 40 rule when i need it?

and in true snow day style i had a thought today - if it snows will the buses even still run?