Tuesday, October 03, 2006

the great state

yesterday at work we received a special delivery from the great state. it was a texas themed basket filled with born and bred salsa from san antonio, cornbread mix from dallas' very own morrison's, coffee from fredericksburg and doritos. who knows why they would put doritos in there, but i guess frito lay has an office in dallas, so it works.

like pigeons in a park or a typical situation at any office that receives food randomly during the day everyone flocked over to try out the goodies. i was no better. after all, it was from the great state, my state. i almost cringed when a girl walked over and said, "Oh fun, picante sauce!" i did my duty as a citizen and explained to her that no this was not in fact the "p" word, it was salsa. the good kind with habanero and cilantro and a little pinch of heaven. i'm not even a fan of doritos, but this was fabulous.

however, i thought i would die from lack of breath from laughing on the inside so hard when the group dispersed and i sat at my desk and watched a lady walk up and pick up and the basket and say, "Oh, how cute - a butterfly!"