Sunday, November 19, 2006

every guy's dream

yesterday i was every guy's dream. well ok, not every guy's dream. i spent the better part, ok 12 straight hours, watching my underwear.

and i say not every guy's dream, because these boys called me yesterday and one of them hates football. how do you grow up in bobby bowden country and hate football? he probably doesn't even know who bobby bowden is. i guess that's fine, because i don't know how to pick them. I cheered for Baylor, Mississippi State, Alabama, Michigan and Cali. All of which were under dogs and none of which brought home a win yesterday. In my opinion, i believe that there definitely should be a Michigan/Ohio State rematch for the national championship. If it's based on depth, Michigan is clearly a better team than USC. I guess i better mention shopping or make up so i don't sound like a complete butch...

cayce is gone for the weekend, and it feels like everyone is gone for the weekend. hence the fact that it was ok to lie around in my skivvies all day long...well except for the hour i went running. I'm at 5 miles now...i need a race goal. possibly the Austin marathon?? it's February 18 - do i have enough time?

happy weekend friends!! 4 more days til thanksgiving!!