Wednesday, November 22, 2006


the city is bustling today with thanksgiving visitors, and you can tell. there are the mom's and dad's walking around with their grown children taking all the city in with disposable turkey roaster in hand. they are the people that are overly dolled up in their winter duds because they heard chicago is the windy city. i have refused to turn into one of those northern snobs that thinks 40 is warm, but i was talking to my mom this morning and we were discussing the weather and what i should bring home to wear and i said, "It must be warm at home today, because it's sunny and warm here." it was 43. ironically enough, when the temp rose into the 50s i thought it was a wee bit chilly. it doesn't look like this, and i'm hoping it will wait one more day.

o'hare is a notoriously delayed airport, but so far the report says sunny skies, which means full steam ahead. i am notoriously a procrastinator. i couldn't be more excited to go home and see my family, but based on the amount of items i've packed, no one could tell. i've cleaned, i watched cooking shows that taught me what to do with all those thanksgiving leftovers, i did my daily run (marathon training on track!!), i've tanned, at this point i've even blogged...but i haven't packed. does brainstorming outfits count?

it doesn't mean i'm not excited. hell, i'm like an overdosing jesse. i have a great few weeks ahead of me, and when i was talking to one of my friends today i expressed my excitement for these things...going home for the first time in a year - I'm EXCITED!!! spending two weeks in southern california in december - I'm EXCITED!!! seeing old friends - I'm EXCITED!!! so, i need to channel all that excitement into putting as many clothes as i can that weigh less than 50lbs into a bag. might as well do laundry for free if i'm going to be home!

with that said...i have to go. but i promise to do my duty to collect as many good stories that are told round our thanksgiving table and bring them back here. i promise, you ain't never heard holiday stories until you've heard ours. i mean with a face like has to be good!

happy thanksgiving eve, bitches!