Tuesday, November 28, 2006

now we know

i finally have a free moment to sit down and tell you about my trip. i had a free moment yesterday, but i spent the better part of yesterday begging my eyes to stay open. i got up at 2:30 am to make the trek to little rock and then got delayed in the airport for 2 more hours. which wouldn't have annoyed me, because i wasn't on a time schedule, but it sure interrupted my sleep on the plane schedule. all that said to say...i had a nice time at home.

one of the highlights of the trip was going to watch my high school play in a playoff game. it's such a drastic difference to go from always watching college football to watching high school football. it was the #1 and #2 team matched up against each other, and #1 showed #2 why they deserved their ranking. I do believe that i witnessed a future heisman trophy winner compete at the high school level.

i was fortunate enough to get to watch the game in between my grandmother, who if they took a vote would win biggest fan and my cousin who kept the laughs coming all four quarters.

it wasn't hard to feel like you were on the set of friday night lights, because it was all you could expect from a high school game. with the exception of the professional athletes who were hanging out on the sideline. what can i say? my school is a breeding ground for them. (can't you tell??) i mostly kept my hat pulled down so i could remain relatively anonymous and just take it all in.

at big church sunday morning our preacher made a point to congratulate all of the high schools, because 2 of them advanced in the playoffs, one already one state (arkansas state champs) and one came up short. he then commented on the longhorns loss to the aggies, as he is a UT alum and his wife an A&M alum. after all that football talk he said, "I do want to welcome to visitors and don't want y'all to think that all we talk about in church is football." to which my grandmother muttered under her breath, "well that would be fine..." i may bore you to death with the football banter on here at times, but at least now you know where i get it from.

and if you saw my last post, please don't call cps, because look at this face now...