Wednesday, November 29, 2006

my secret is out

a few months ago, actually it's probably been over a year now, but alas...i loose track of time...i put up google ads on my site to try and generate some extra cash flow. this would be great now since i've been kind of unemployed for the past 4 months. i've probably earned all of 50cents over the said time. has anyone noticed that lately that they've been advertising Serenity Adult Diapers??? what caused that?

i'm beginning to wonder if someone let it slip that my mom mailed my entire winter wardrobe - sweaters, scarves, hats, jackets, anything she could cram in (except two pairs of my favorite pink shoes...yes, i'm still bitter) into two big boxes that formerly housed adult diapers??? don't worry, they're not her's. they were however quite the conversation starter when people walked into cayce's apartment and saw two boxes with big bold writing saying ADULT BRIEFS. we eventually found a nice spot in the closet to tuck them away.

i realize in posting this, that i'm only making the ad war worse. i'm fighting fire with fire. so, now that the secret is out...i'll go ahead and fork over the evidence. and should you have any need for them, go ahead a click's the holiday it for the unemployed girl!