Sunday, December 17, 2006

return of the jedi

i arrived back in chicago this afternoon with much luggage, and lots o' tears. i always get like this, so this time it was no different. there's a depressive state that i get in when i leave a place i love and people i care deeply for. i was so encompassed by my life of the past two weeks and the people that decorated it, that i hated to leave this morning. if i had of been driving myself to the airport, i can't promise that i would have made my flight.

all that said to say, i had a fabulous time in california. the weather was beautiful, the hours were long, and the relationships that formed and were cultivated will sorely be missed and never forgotten.

it was a precise dose of what my old life was...the people, the work, and an undeniable glimpse into my new life. change is never easy. some how i managed to change my whole life situation with extreme ease, and this past week was like an out of body experience allowing me to step back into my old life to remember what i was doing and at times see what, but mostly whom i was missing.

after allowing myself a few hours to wallow in my own misery, it's time for bucko to buck up. i live in a fabulous city with a fabulous roomate and life ain't half bad. with that said, here is a look at what has been going on for the past two weeks.

it was a time to reunite with old friends and get acquainted with new friends. amanda and i had a lovely evening at the hotel del coronado.

terra, my sister friend from austin and i had a fabulous time being roomates, gossiping about boys and basically solving the worlds problems all in a week.

and me and ryan - clearly we are very tough! i wanted michigan, he wanted florida...sometimes girls can't know everything about football!

and lesli and brad did cali part 2 - this time in oceanside, california fully equipped with our favorite double gulps.

this time it was a little chillier on the beach - hence the fur boots! it was nice just to be there.

and good times with old work friends. it was mine and audry's one year anniversary!

while i was getting on the elevator to go down to the train this little girl in a stroller looked up at my teary eyes and said, "hello!" i mustered, "Hi! What's santa bringing you for christmas?" "a light saber."