Monday, January 22, 2007

santa's little helpers

Cayce and I have never been afraid to do random things, so when a table of three older men at the peninsula hotel asked if we would like for the to take our picture in front of the christmas tree we thought, why not? we thought better still that it would be a great idea to stay for a drink. one drink turned into two, which turned in to making plans to meet back at this same hotel sometime later this month. the conversation was certainly rousing as the ages around the table spanned 50 years, and the 74 year old man that took our picture was used to far racier subjects than two Texas girls that donned Santa hats.

when we handed over our camera the oldest man at the table reached out for it and all i could think was, great, old man shakey hands is going to take it and we're going to be all blurry in front of this fantastic tree. as it was, our picture had been taken by a work renowned photographer made famous by capturing pictures of other famous photographers and was well known for his black and white female nudes. I'm sure our Santa hats seemed a little ordinary, and of course we threw the duece.

the topic of age of course came up, because of the years represented 20s, mid 30s, late 40s and a young 70s. when asked our age and confirming that yes, we could in fact be a day over 18 the 74 year old exclaimed in shock, "Oh my God! I'm old enough to be your husband!"