Thursday, January 25, 2007

the life of a cheater

i think i'm cheating on my weBLOG with email. and i hate to make excuses, because i have good stories to tell and pictures of me wearing my extensions to show, but lately i've been so caught up emailing all day that i've neglected to post. in my head i'm calling it writer's block which you can either agree or disagree that that is a real thing, but i believe that in truth - i've just been lazy. i've had no trouble at all pouring my thoughts into 50 (check that - probably closer to 100) emails a day, but i just can't seem to force myself into sitting down and telling the rest of the world, or all three of you, what's been on my mind.

i'm a terrible person and should be least with a pellet gun or something. so, i am commissioning you, as a friend, to hold me accountable! if i have to copy and paste my email quips straight into here, i need to start updating with frequency. so, now it's on you!