Friday, January 26, 2007

Lesli with no E

The other night Cayce and I were at a party where name tags were required. so, this man who's name tag read Larry comes over to me and strikes up a conversation.

"So, does it really annoy you when people call you Lezzzli in stead of Lesssssli?"

Actually, Larry, it does bother me. not to an extreme point where i want to reach into your mouth and rip your voice box out so you can never utter my name again, but more like an irritating sound such as a baby crying or nails on a chalkboard for some people. interestingly enough, if i read the name Leslie, i think and even pronounce it Lezzzlie. weird, right?

he goes on...

"So, have you ever thought about adding the E back?"

add it back? the dropping of the E was not a trendy phase i went through in high school to make myself cool and unique. it's never been there. I've checked my birth certificate and since April 4, 1981 at 2:17am I've been Lesli with no E. the story goes that mom wanted me to be Leslie, and dad wanted me to be different. so here i am...Lesli pronounced with an SSSSSS and spelled with no E