Sunday, January 28, 2007

"I love you... well, I don't love you... I L-U-V you."

i love those kids from laguna beach in a very guilty pleasure kind of way. the kind of way that maybe an almost 26 year old shouldn't be able to quote every stupid line that comes out of their high school mouth and request seasons one and two on DVD for Christmas, kind of way.

or in the way that i convince my best friends to dress up as their group for halloween kind of way. it was even appropriate last year to get me a birthday cake to celebrate my 25th year with my best girls picture on it.

last night however might have been the best of all. in my dreams, cayce and i had hit up a warm sunny beach in california, and right there in the cabana next to us were kristin, jessica and alex h. i did NOT hesitate for one minute to march over there and request a picture of all of us together. there was some mystery girl with us, whom i planned on being our photographer, instead she jumped right in. i was a little annoyed, but i was with my favorite high school kids since dawson and joey rowed down the creek! each of them were exactly like their characters. when i told them that we dressed up like them for halloween jessica said, "Wait, so how did y'all get into the bars? Did you have to use a fake id??" jess...we dressed up as you, we didn't become you!! "reallllllyyyy, you think?"
and of course i was just dying to get the real feelings behind the uber drama that brody jenner is stirring up over there on the hills with kristin's arch nemesis. just as i expected, "he's like not being himself. he was so not like that when we dated." so, brody isn't more than just a pretty face, he just wants his 15 minutes of fame like everyone else in southern california and kristin is on to bigger and better things than a 30 minute time slot on monday night.

best dream ever. unfortunately when i woke up, it was 10 degrees and snowing. sure ain't a day at the beach.