Wednesday, January 31, 2007

face value

let's be honest, america finally got it right and in honor of the top 5 most beautiful girls in all of america (Miss Oklahoma, Miss Texas, Miss Georgia, Miss Alabama & Miss Mississippi, respectively) i feel the need to let you listen in on a conversation that took place in our apartment last night.

i'm standing in the kitchen getting a water bottle and cayce questions,

"What is wrong with my face??? DON'T ANSWER THAT!"

i try to console her, because people it is HARD to live in this harsh of a climate and keep a decent face!

for example, yesterday when i was walking to the train i could have sworn that my eyelid had cracked open and my blood was frozen to my face. not to worry - it didn't happen, but the negative wind chill hurts!! for a girl who has grown up in 100% humidity my whole life, this weather is sucking the life out of my skin...or at least the moisture. my body is staying warm; ie - i've worn my cuddl duds under my clothes everyday this week.

i think for a minute...

"Actually, you might be my prettiest friend."

it wasn't a lie. i quickly scrolled through my mental rolodex and y'all have seen cayce, no need for me to justify my statement here.

"Who is your prettiest friend?? and puuulllease don't feel like you have to say me, because now if you say me i'll know you're just saying me because i said you, and i really do think that, so be honest. who is it?"

"Well, hang on let me think."

"ok, but don't pick me."

"i'm not, but at least you're not friends with andria."

of course she's friends with a former miss texas...