Monday, February 05, 2007

"someone is staring at you in personal growth" - WHMS

i purchased a book the other night that will more than likely not help the new years resolution of getting a boyfriend in 2007. in fact, my aunt told me i better hide the book so i don't scare off potential suitors.

and like everyone else that attended the book signing, i wasn't there for the book. i was there to hear about the show! i too, wanted to see for myself the crazy woman that would leave andrew firestone. blah, blah, better off...sister, in the immortal word's of Tim Gunn - make it work! i couldn't help but wonder the whole time if she was annoyed that no one wanted to discuss the book, but let's be honest...if it wasn't for a wine heir out in cali...there would be no book. so for all of you who want the goss - she's gorgeous in real life, teeny-tiny and she still is still friends with andrew. they don't talk that often, as he has a new girlfriend.

the title of the book is better single than sorry! should it potentially scare away any of these so called suitor's that should be beating down my door any day now...i can always claim it isn't mine. apparently, she thought some girl named Leslie needed the book worse than me=)