Wednesday, February 07, 2007

deep fried love

the food network for me is my porn. i'm addicted to it. i can literally watch it for hours on end, and i usually do if i'm home alone.

tonight i'm watching it, because i'm saving friday night lights for when cayce gets home.

so tyler florence, my food network crush, is doing a special on chocolate that is featuring 6 of the chefs. this is the best of the food network world...all of my chef loves in one show, hosted by my total lurver!

all of them have mentioned the fact that eating chocolate releases the same feeling inside that being in love does. i don't get that feeling when i eat chocolate. i get that feeling when tyler comes on the screen and talks about the chocolate shop around the corner from his house. (i just saw a wedding ring on TF's finger...the feeling is!) i think i've built up a tolerance for chocolate like some people do to alcohol or drugs. i wonder if stayed "clean" for a while if the next time i ate it i would get that euphoric feeling of love?

if anything could give me a feeling of love, this might be the recipe to do it... seriously, deep fried chocolate wontons? i might be in love already...