Monday, February 12, 2007

"it's about being comfortable...with the yucky love stuff." -MBFW

with the valentine season quickly approaching, there's no way we could overlook what some people will do for love. just when you think you're the craziest woman on block, someone goes and out crazies you! cayce and i decided a while back that crazy is for right now what skinny was a few years ago. it's no longer about how starved you look and more about how soon you should be committed to a hospital that is the true attracting factor in relationships.

women are crazy, and i'll make no attempt to hide that fact that i've done some crazy things. after one of my crazier episodes, one of my good friends told me, "You know Lesli, every time I think, 'i can't do that, that is too crazy.' I think, 'no, it's fine...Lesli has done much crazier things!'" and just the other day i was telling a friend of some of my stalking antics and she looked at me and said, "You take stalking to a whole new level!" i do, and i'm not afraid to admit it. my name is lesli, and i'm a stalk-aholic! beyond google stalking, facebook stalking, myspace stalking, drive bys, parking lot stake-outs, and countless things i'll refrain from sharing with the world wide web, i can say that some of my crazier moments look like child's play in comparison to the activities of other women.

anyone else hear about the crazy woman that left her husband at home with the kids and strapped on diapers and drove across country to "scare" her "lovers" lover? and i say lover's," because they never actually were lovers, they were just co-workers who were "more than co-workers, but less than romantically involved." i think that the crap she had in the trunk of her car would scare me a lot less than the thought of a grown woman wearing diapers on a road trip so she wouldn't have to stop for bathroom breaks!

of course she has a husband and a lover, because crazy IS in fact the new skinny! if any of you have someone fabulous to set me up with, i'd be more than happy to share in detail some of my "moments." v-day is only two days away, and if i'm every going to get a Be Mine personalized i-pod, i really need to get cracking, and i don't mean skulls.