Wednesday, February 14, 2007

it's inevitable...

it's said that you don't have to turn out like your mother unless you want to, and most every daughter that has a mother has one time in their life denied that they are anything like their mother. i accuse my own mother of becoming her mother all the time and she does the denial dance, but as long as i make fun, i'm going to be right there with them in a few years.

today my mom celebrates 55 years of life given to her by her mother. when you think about it, the three of us see valentine's day in a whole different way because of the events of february 14, 1952 and maybe we'd all see love differently if cupid's arrow found gram instead of the stork with a bundle of joy.

gram and i are talking the other day and she's telling me about this guy that i grew up with in church. "His Mama told me that he met this girl and fell in love with him. You know the girl, so and so, her Mama married the minister at the church?" no, gram, i don't know her, but i get it. "Ok, well His Mama had been praying that he'd meet a wonderful christian woman, and he did at college." You know Gram, that's so great to know that someone has been praying about your future mate and hoping that you'll find someone wonderful. Do you pray that i'll find someone? "No i don't pray about that! You'll probably never find anyone!"

then mom runs into a chicago bear football player 800 miles away from her daughter who could actually benefit from running into a famed bear. like any good candidate for mother of the year, my mom passed along my cell phone number, cayce's home phone number and possibly cayce's cell, because an opportunity like this doesn't come around that often, and we need to be reachable. i'm sure he's just been too busy with the super-bowl and winning the nfc championship and what not to call, but i feel sure that once he does my position of NFL football player girlfriend will be cemented. to which my mother says, "Well, i was watching the other day, and that Brian Urlacher is real cute!" good thing i found out he had an illegitimate child and one of those icky arm band tattoos, because otherwise i don't know how i would manage being the most popular player's girlfriend.

happy birthday, mother! and for everyone else celebrating this blessed holiday o' love, i hope that you have a fabulous day and should you be lucky enough to have a gram working against and a mom working on your love behalf... enjoy!