Thursday, February 22, 2007

my very own

it all seems to be falling into place, and almost better than i could have imagined. i'm moving into my own apartment this weekend. all by myself. i bought a new full size bed yesterday, to which my mother said, "Will you even know how to sleep in that bed? You'll probably get lost!" 26 years on my darling twin sized bed, and now it will seem as if i'm sleeping in a space as big as the ocean. i won't be doing it entirely by myself, because of course i have sought out the help of my manly friend here in the city, because you all know me well enough to know that i'm not going to move a bed anywhere, especially to my 7th floor studio.

you heard me right, studio. i'll be living alone for the first time in 26 years. i'm not sure if i should feel excited or be nervous. i've always considered myself independent, thanks to how my parents raised me, but what is life like without a roommate to share? will i miss someone waiting for me or the waiting for someone else hearing and sharing stories about both days in two different worlds? now breakfast and dinner selections will be done over a phone instead of across the room.

my place. my very own place. which means... my very own decorations, my very own tivo selections, my very own household items. it's all very surreal, but i'm starting to like the idea of my own big girl space in my very own big girl apartment in a big girl city, and even though the actual size isn't very big girl, it's fine, i have miniature furniture to fill the space. i also have a very busy saturday ahead of me looking for the perfect things to compliment me and my very own place.