Thursday, March 01, 2007

the clampit's move to lincoln park!

ok i think i am settled into the new place. i say i think, because every time i get one thing undone, 50 other things spring from the madness. who knew 3 measly suitcases could hold so much? you'd be surprised to know that i did most of it by myself in the pouring snow. that might be a first and a last. after weighing options, i think i prefer moving in the chicago snow over the austin heat. it's perfect, you're not pouring sweat and if you can manage to not slip and fall you're all set.

and friends of the year award goes to my sweet friend christina and her dream boat fiance kenneth. not only did they leave the oscar's to help me transport my bed, but after the box spring wouldn't fit inside, they hung out the windows in order to keep the box spring from sliding off the top of the car. forget beverly hills, the clampit's moved to Lincoln Park, and i regret now not snapping a picture. on top of risking life and limb (or at least the felling in their hands) they offered to give me one of their extra tvs. how do you begin to repay all that generosity?? at least i know they way to christina's heart is a cheap bottle of wine...

so, i'm in and i'm welcoming my first guest this evening. i hate that it's not perfectly arranged, but soon enough it will have all the touchings that a space for lesli needs. come visit - i'll be on that same corner.