Thursday, March 08, 2007

mishaps and meanderings minus an atm card

i few weeks ago in a fit of hurried irresponsibility i left my debit card in an atm machine around 10:45pm. i didn't realize it until 2:00am. what could i do by then, besides sprint down the street to the atm to see if it was magically waiting for me? so i woke up at 8am the next morning and called brain-dead mike from my bank. i realize that is like the pot calling the kettle black, but i wasn't 100% sure that the debit card was in the atm. what if someone walked in behind me and withdrew every last dime i had to my name. which i realize wouldn't be much, but i have rent to pay now!

to my knowledge we put a temporary block on the card, but to mike's knowledge we canceled the card completely. on monday morning when i confirmed with the atm bank that they did in fact have my card, it didn't matter, because my card had been turned off. they could over night me a card, but i wouldn't get a pin number for 10 days. could anything be more helpful to my situation? maybe the fact that they could only over night me a card to austin...

so, i acted important and got some strings pulled to get the card reinstated by a manager, and went on my way and all was right with the world.

until i tried to use it at cvs. all i wanted was that good wax, but the card wouldn't work. the most humiliating feeling in the world is getting your card declined. check that - it's getting your card declined by a patronizing high school twerp! "ma'am it's not working." "well, i had this incident, and i can use it in the atm machine over there and pay in cash." "ma'am... if it's not working here, i don't know why you think it would work in the atm machine." just watch me punk - you go pop your zits and i'll get cash out of the atm!

the card has it's good days and bad days... sometimes it works in store, but i can always trust it in the atm... as long as i don't forget and leave it there!