Tuesday, January 09, 2007

unresolved resolutions

cayce and i have made joint resolutions to find boyfriends in 2007. no monkeying around, we are getting down to business. we've thought this out and schemed many a plan and criteria. could long distance work? could we import them? this is a big decision, and shouldn't be taken lightly. so far, 8 days in, we've attended a church social (no luck), a guy's birthday party (no luck) and just today got invited to a party that is sure to be crawling with many eligible men who for $30 of all you can drink should easily be convinced to be our boyfriends in 2007.

our joke of the new year is "nobody wants in my yoga pants in 2007," because when we made a trip to bed, bath and beyond yesterday i quipped that if we wore the same yoga pants one more time they could stand up and travel to bed, bath and beyond on their own. so, we spent the better half of the afternoon doing loads upon loads of laundry. not to worry, the yoga pants had to come off, and made it into the laundry. i looked for other pants to wear in the meantime, and slipped on some old dance pants from my sing years. yes, there's a huge rip right in the butt, but i figured it was fine, because i was wearing black panties.

upon further inspection...not so fine. the panties were see through, and my butt crack was in full view through the rip. i could hear my mother in my head like many pairs of jeans that came before, "Can we throw these away now?" unfortunately, i didn't notice this until after 15 trips on the elevator and in the laundry room, talking with the maintenance guy, folding clothes with a guy in the laundry room. of all the things we thought of for obtaining boyfriends in 2007, split rear pants wasn't on the list. perhaps i've found my new approach.