Monday, January 08, 2007

wedding style!

the wedding i addressed 625 invitations for took place in lovely, high-style fashion two weeks ago! i'd love to report that it went off without a hitch, but with tornado warnings, torrential rain, a soundless mike on the preacher, topped off with a fainting bridesmaid, made it seem less than hitch-less. but then you remember how beautifully radiant the bride was and how adoringly the groom gazed at his bride, how aesthetically perfect everything looked, how fabulous my best friend did on her solo & duet and of course those terribly unique programs=) kidding. kind of. with those things combined, you easily forget the things that could potentially be seen as imperfections and realize that they were the factors that made this wedding sublime, unique & memorable. and, at the end of the ceremony, nothing could keep them from being announced husband and wife.

summed up in a word, the party was fabulous! i can not confirm, nor deny that i made two trips through the food line, and i might have blamed my second trip on my date. i'm also not sure if i ever want the video from the dance floor to resurface ever again. not that i did anything embarrassing or scandalous, but my date did tell me multiple times that everyone was watching us. and i woke up with some very curious neck pains. there's a chance that i thought i was trying out for the LuvaBulls (chicago bulls dance team) during a few of the songs. i guess it's fine that everyone was watching. it certainly wasn't the first time that i've danced with that boy and people took notice, i just hope they weren't laughing!

fabulous friends at george's for the rehearsal dinner!
the infamous programs i'm so very proud of!!
wouldn't be a lingerie shower without his/hers disco ball thongs!
best looking invitation addresser and MofH at the whole wedding!
MofH with the new Mr. & Mrs. Edison
Friday Night Lights celebrity spotting! woot!
Me and My date after one too many spins on the dance floor!
Handsome couples!