Friday, March 16, 2007

warped little mind

on the road trip this past weekend, we watched hours upon hours of prison break. if you haven't seen it, i suggest that you start your very own obsession. i didn't watch last season, but got involved with this season, because it is one of cayce's "must watch" shows. PB is the kind of show that at the end of it your arms and legs hurt because you've been so tense for an hour, and while i watched season one unfold i calmed myself down by keeping in mind that i knew who got out and i knew who was ok.

for entertainment purposes, it's great... for life... i'm a wreck! i think the whole world is bad, and it doesn't help that i live in the city where the show is set. every time i walk near the "El" i have visions of men in suits chasing each other down with gunfire. i've never been scared to live here, but these visions keep dancing through my head!

yesterday i saw a guy who had a gnarley black eye... actually it was red and swollen and all i could think was i bet someone cut his eye with a broken light bulb in prison just like abruzzi did. i think i might be just about crazy enough to share a room with haywire in the psych ward!