Friday, March 16, 2007

spring has sprung

well at least spring fever has sprung. after a weekend of sweating my tail off in texas i came back to two perfect spring days in chicago. of course they were during the week, but still i'll be grateful for anything that comes in the way of nice weather. spring makes me happy, and it's got my mind reeling... this is what else makes me happy...

-perfect spring days when the temperature doesn't get over 78 degrees
-23 oz wine glasses filled up on a porch while personally being filled with hilarious stories from old friends
-personal calls at work
-text messages
-my charming boyfriend=)
-spontaneous dance parties laced with britney spears and prince
-chips and GOOD salsa
-a made up recipe that sprung from my own creative mind
-going to bed with no alarm set
-newsy emails
-a 70s cover band when i've got my dancing shoes on
-making people laugh with my stories
-knowing i'm loved by people who are important to me
-personal mail...packages, surprises or a page from a magazine
-a full tivo with no re-runs
-blog comments... no pressure
-quoting lines from sex and the city that pertain to my life... or from dirty dancing, steel magnolias, drop dead gorgeous and friends
-booking a flight for an upcoming vacation
-hearing gram and pop's stories of yesteryears
-hearing any stories from my family's past
-getting to know new friends that you know will become old friends
-analyzing conversations, emails, actions, anything... it's my cardio
-making my extensions look fabulously real
-looking and feeling skinnier than i really am
-knowing i have hours to waste by the pool
-that first sunburn where you're not cooked, but you're skin is warm and pink
-julie andrew's musicals
-watching my friends succeed in life and reach their goals
-finding the perfect outfit or accessory on sale
-mimosas for breakfast
-thinking up lists
-thoughtful gifts
-sundays on my dad's deck with "cappuccinos"
-new make up and too much time to get ready
-weekends at the baylor ball park
-showers at night and then getting into a bed with newly cleaned sheets

i hope spring brings out the best in you too!