Friday, March 23, 2007

mojitos... i don't like mojitos

"did you try one of those new mint milkshakes?"

"no, i don't really like the milkshakes."

"the thought of those gross me out..."

"i thought you liked mint things?"

"i like some mint things... like thin mints and chocolate mint candy, but mint ice cream is gross to me and those minty adult beverages."

"oh, like mint juleps?"

"no, they are called something else, but i've never had a mint julep. i suspect i'd like them... that's what scarlett o'hara drinks."

"oh, does she talk about them on her blog??"

i'm not sure if it will be the dislike of milkshakes, or the fact that he thinks scarlett o'hara has a blog, but i think he might have just lost points with my mother.