Monday, April 02, 2007

april fool

in my haste to be the laziest, most slothful person in the contiguous united states yesterday i totally forgot it was april fools day!

at first i thought it would be funny to say that i was with child, because what is funnier than those people that are able to pull off that phone call to loved ones, but being so close to easter i didn't want to make Jesus or my mother cry!

then i planned it all out in my head last week how i was going to announce on here the me and my other half had decided to get married, because i've always loved to make fun of the people that meet and get engaged in three months because, when you know - you know! i think it would be decently believable that kharma would come around and bite me in the rear in that way.

alas, i completely forgot. i'm the april fool and all i remembered when i saw the date, April 1 written out was that my birthday was in 3 days... 2 now!! woot!!! come celebrate if you're in the neighborhood.