Tuesday, April 10, 2007

the best part of waking up... folgers in your cup

i just got out of the shower (5:51pm), because at 7:35am exactly 10 minutes after i arrived at work i dumped 16 oz of hazelnut coffee into my lap. my hands were full, so i caught the coffee with my jeans, and my undies for that matter. the smell of coffee is fantastic first thing in the morning, but there is a reason they don't make coffee scented perfume. thankfully, i had plenty of time for a friend to come to my rescue with yoga pants. enough venting from me... on to bigger and better things.

my birthday was fabulous, and i never feel more loved or important than on april 4th. i truly am luckier than most people alive on that day. thank you to all of you that did your part to wish me a very happy birthday, and it was just that. for those of you who couldn't make the duel celebration here in chicago, this is what you missed!

The Guests of Honor - both came into this world on April 4th...3 years apart!

Kacey and Megan helped me eat my chicken tenders and celebrate!

Audry, Justin, Dan, and the birthday boy and girl!

The best psychology students in the second city!

My favorite engaged couple!!!

26 years and still the most fabulous Texas girls for miles!

and finally... the best gift of all...i got to celebrate my birthday weekend with my other half.

as the old song goes... and many more...