Wednesday, April 18, 2007

all is well that ends well

my phone rings at 9:30 this morning. as you know, i've been at work for 2 hours by then, and have barely made it through my first cup of coffee. normally, i don't answer my cell at work, but it was cayce's parent's house, and you know the feeling you get when parents call at forbidden times. too early in the morning...too late at night...anytime that doesn't seem normal. my first thought was did cayce fly home?? i swear she was just taking a walk around chicago last night. hmm... well planes are fast and i am forgetful, so maybe...

upon answering, it's her mom. so naturally, my next thought is panic. it probably doesn't help that her mom's tone is that of panic. i start calming myself and try to think clearly. i make mental preparations to call my boss, so i can make it to the hospital where she must be, because i'm just certain she's been hit by a bus or thrown from the train.

before i get YOU too worried, you should know, that her purse fell off the stroller without her noticing. and this ain't your mamma's purse from tj maxx!!! so, the panic was in order. fortunately, the one good samaritan left on earth found it and called cayce's dad from her cell phone.

too which cayce's mom starts to put her on best carmen sandiego thinking hat to diffuse the thought process of said purse samaritan. "I'm thinking she must have looked at her id and seen her last name and then scrolled through her phone..." i can hear the light bulbs going off. she's thinking the brilliant fbi lady has put the last names together and assumed that they must be father and daughter. i hated to interrupt, "Cindy - cayce doesn't have mike's name in her phone. I'm sure the lady just saw DAD on the call log and figured it out." "hahahaha - oh yeah! so how are you?"